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The best cleaning and maintenance solution for your business


Since 2003, we have provided top quality cleaning services for our clients. Service Solutions Center is dedicated to professional quality results. Our accessible leadership team and experience in efficient cleaning oversight.


Our goal is to be the best cleaning solution you’ve ever utilized.


Our experience has led us to create second-to-none systems and procedures. This leads to better oversight, higher communication, consistent leadership interaction, and full service solutions for your exact needs.


Anyone can buy a mop and vacuum. Where we shine is our leadership’s engagement and implementation of data driven strategies to provide you with the best clean. We aim to be a partner who is accessible and works side by side with our on-site staff to develop a relationship that you can count on.


Your business has many demands and distractions. The cleanliness of your building should never be one.

From 3,000,000 Sq. Ft. factories, to sterile processing centers for food, to the school halls where our children learn and grow, we strive to ensure no detail goes unnoticed. We know that every inch matters.


Our people, processes, and leadership team outshine other companies by identifying how to provide you with the best service. We have proprietary systematic data driven models. From janitorial and building maintenance, to consumable management, we implement strategies to focus on efficiency and green cleaning solutions that ensure your business looks as great as it should.


We have successfully managed the janitorial, maintenance, and consumables for a broad range of clientele. Many of which have left testimonials based on our ability to provide them with top-notch service. See what they have to say.

 all proposals are backed with a 24-hour cleaning guarantee!


If you are dissatisfied with any service, we will make it right by having it directly handled by our leadership within 24 hours of the request.

Let us provide a no-obligation facility inspection at your convenience to see where we can improve your quality of clean. Call 5075041010 or request an appointment.

Let Us Exceed Your Expectations