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Category Descriptions:

- Janitorial Supplies: Supplies used to clean but not billing to client (Mop bucket, mop handle, brute)
- Resale to customer: Supplies requested by client, or consumables to be billed to client.
- Advertising & Marketing: Anything with the sales or promotion process (Business cards, donuts for clients, promo items, chamber)
- Dues & Subscriptions: Reoccurring charges for operational systems used by the company (QB, Ring, etc)
- Employee Benefits: Anything that benefits the employee (Food, Gifts)
- Office Supplies: Anything purchased under $250 for use in the office (paper, electronics, meeting supplies, furniture)
- Recruiting: Anything related to recruiting staff.
- Shop Supplies: Anything under $250 used in a shop
- Tools & Equipment: Any single item over $250 that can be depreciated.
- Vehicle Maint./Repair: Oil, wiper blades, tires, repiars

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